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Stories that Sell Course


This is a simple course, designed to quickly discover your story that will drive your path to success in business and in life.

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In this course you will learn in 4 parts:

Lesson 1: How to use Amena's C.I.A. formula to get clear on your story and how it matters to your dream client. The CIA steps are: Connection, Intrigue, Affirmation

Lesson 2: Attracting clients with your message on repeat mode. Learn about RARA: Repeat, Automation, Repetition, and Action

Lesson 3: Creating a KEY success formula to create unlimited income for you and results to your many clients. KEY is: Keep your Effective message on You

Lesson 4: Become a master of simplicity. Use the Amena's S.I.M.P.L.E method to increase demand. The SIMPLE steps are: Solid Offer Story, Impress Value, Make a Meaningful Memory, Peel Down the Steps into Actions, Let Them Create, Embrace Efforts and Emotions 

Learn More and Purchase this Course by Clicking Here (coming soon)

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