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Manifest Vision with Amena *1 month, One-to-One Coaching Session


Manifest Vision with Amena *1 month, One-to-One Coaching Session

Schedule a 45-min coaching call with Amena Kay Thornton to talk about your life and business.

During the call Amena will make you a 1 - month game plan based on the call that focuses on 1 to 2 areas of your life you are wanting to improve and take to the next level.

Main areas can address in a one month session: 

1. Self Love

2. Family

3. Career

4. Relationships

5. Spiritual

6. Learning

7. Experiences

8. Giving

These are designed with results in mind! You schedule your best times and days.

There is a waiting list for the next openings if this month is full. Meetings are recorded for playback and Zoom is required for first session!

For questions you may text Amena's community phone number: 540-269-4382

Check the schedule to see next meeting date:

and be sure to schedule a date and time that works best for you once you purchase!

This is only available to 25 people a month. 

🛑 Download and Print the files giving to you after you sign up. Only fill out the checklist before the 45 min coaching call with Amena. You need this completed.

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