About Success, Leadership, Mindset Coach & Artist: Amena Kay Thornton

Amena is a 20 year online entrepreneur and motivational speaker, real estate investor.
Since age 19 she has been inspired to own a successful business like her parents and was mentored by the audio courses and books of the great sales, motivational speaker and entrepreneur coach Zig Ziglar.
She has worked with Amazon, Esty, Kickstarter, Upwork; Online Marketing via Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Web Building with Godaddy, Wordpress, Shopify, Square, Facebook; Online Tools: Zoom, IGTV, YouTube, Patreon, Animo, TikTok, Vimeo, Instragram, Facebook, Kickstarter; Content Building: SEO Focusing, Hashtags, Video Content, Stock Photos, Branding
Amena help found the Visual Resource Guide to Plan the Ultimate Wedding, that sold to Lake Capital in 2008 for 3 million. Other projects she has been involved with A Social Platform for Pet Owners, A SEO API site for Businesses.
Amena is a self published author for 4 art books and has been featured in the Washington Post in 2016.
She is know for her uplifting character, ability to listen and help others in her network online and off. Amena brings knowledge backed by experience.
She raises her 3 homeschool kids, 2 pets on trips around the USA and Europe.