About Amena Kay

About Amena Kay

Amena Kay Thornton, AKA Amena Kay, is a professional artist that loves life! 

She enjoys traveling with her 3 kids around the world to botanical gardens, museums and resorts with her LIV. travel group (amenakay.timetolive.com).

She also is an investor and life long entrepreneur. She focuses her investments in herself, web based start-ups, and residential real estate.

Her main companies she currently heads are HackBOD.com: Ketosis Lifestyle, and I AM Change TV, a IGTV Channel: Success Building Courses.



Amena loves to be a part of the ‘bigger picture’ and is continually looking into teaming up with collaborators: contact@amenakay.com


Current to Past 2016:


2019- Aug: Fairfax Comic Con

2019- Sept: GMU Comic Con

2019- Oct: Richmond, VA Comic Con 

Galleries and Partners:

2019- Pon Shop, Fredericksburg, VA

2019- LibertyTown Art Center, Fredericksburg, VA

2018- Pon Shop, Fredericksburg, VA

2018- Brushstrokes Gallery in Fredericksburg, VA

2017- Mary Washington Hospital Gift Shop, VA

2017- Brushstrokes Gallery in Fredericksburg, VA

2017- Pon Shop, Fredericksburg, VA



2017- Brushstrokes Gallery: Texas Relief Flood Fund

2017- Alzheimers Foundation: Art Show Fundraiser



No Date Yet: Orchid Dance (soon)

No Date Yet: Sea, Air, Sky (soon)

No Date Yet: Animals with Occupations (soon)

2018- French Flower Collection

2017- Dragon Food

2016- Zen Legends

2016- Musical Dragons



2016- Washington Post: Coloring Books


2016- Art Cocoon Plein Air Painting Contest