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Definite Purpose: The "Miracle" In Your Mind

As a human we are gifted with two minds.

Our mind that in surface bound. It controls our everyday actions, habits and desires. Our other mind, is our subconscious mind, our "miracle" mind, the one that nudges us when "Things Don't Feel Right" or when we feel we must "Take the Risk." This mind is powerful and can be used to shape reality.

"Miracles don't happen to you. They happen through you." ~ Mary Davis

We are all gifted with two conscience minds. Nature, the spirit, God, whatever the preference that is preferred, has gifted humans with this special gift. It is unfortunate many do not know of the miracle within them and how it can be used. 

With definite purpose, and clear undeniable goals one can achieve more in one year, then they have their whole lifetime. This is why one needs to know their purpose and put their “miracle” mind to work.

For any desire that one is willing to thing about and puts to work in their subconscious mind. The information drives the actions around them, the mind starts looking for the answers within the day-to-day life they live. 

✨Ready to Test your "Miracle" Mind Power? Take this 2 min Definite Purpose Exercise:

Look around your space and find all the Green items, think about what each is.

-----Do that NOW then read the rest to complete the test ----

Done? ok. Read on... What did you see that was Red? Blue?... How about Black? Did those stand out to you? Did you notice them or what they do?

No? You didn't see them. That is because you purposely changed your subconscious mind to just look for Green. The same happens when you take the actions to shop for something, or decide who to be friends with.

The subconscious takes ALL information in, but only alerts you to see the information you told it to see.

If your choice is to be negative, keep negative influencers; if it is to stop drinking, stop hanging out with drinkers; if it is to be wealthy, follow in the path of wealth people. For each and every action today that is made, made by you consciously or not, affects your future and your "miracles" or "self-destruction".

Other sources of influence that must be considered are family members, tv, social media, environment, art, music and advertisements. Even advertisements on packages and items you purchase. It is the ones that greet you on a day-to-day basis that will have the most impact on your life.

Start taking charge and working to raise your subconscious level to improve your life purpose. Each day focus one area of your life to define in your mind to the vision you wish to see. Work to make the changes within you to become the person who has those miracles happen to them. How can you improve? Be more grateful, give more time to your community or loved ones, practice more, dress better, lose weight, move to a location that has the connections to services, remove tv, remove wasting time on watching others.

Once you find it in yourself to go after your dreams. Result will come, as long as you stop looking for them they find you. Your self improvement is the key, as well as, your belief in your ability.

Despite all the options of others. 

Start making your "Miracles", Start on Your Purpose.