"I AM" Affirmation

I AM are the two most powerful words in the human language. They shape the reality experienced in life. These powerful two words I AM program the brain to change the way one thinks and feels that is the self.

With these words I AM say this Affirmation, through the day to inspire, uplift, and redefine who you are.

I AM Affirmation:

I AM Powerful
I AM Abundant
I AM Wise
I AM Strong
I AM Wealthy
I AM Successful
I AM Loved
I AM Beautiful
I AM A Leader
I AM Ready
I AM Greatness
I AM Blessed
I AM A Champion
I AM Focused
I AM Creative
I AM Limitless
I AM Disciplined
I AM Respected
I AM Connected
I AM Determined
I AM Healthy

I AM More Than Enough


Repeat this I AM Affirmation Whenever Self-Doubt Creeps Up.

- Amena Kay Thornton, AmenaKay.com

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