Divorce and Mental Health Care Wisdom - Affirmation To New Mental Path in Divorce

Divorce is one of the top issues that many people deal with daily that not only hurts the trust in building new relationships but also it affects one’s mental state.

Let’s bridge a new path for your beautiful new beginning. ❤️🙌

I wrote a Divorce Affirmation to strengthen Mental Health.

Say this Affirmation with Love and Strength:

May I be wise enough to make the best decisions and brave enough to pass through the storms I can not see.

May I be a wonderful role model to my kids and show them with actions that one can get through anything without giving up.

May I be brave to set healthy boundaries.

May I have courage to end falsehoods and pressure.

May I teach the ones that look for my guidance how to be their own bright star 🌟

May I lend them the strength they need with my words to bring them hope.

May I continue to learn and develop my peace.

May I be kind to those that have not the respect for me.

May I not let words hurt.

May I not let abusive go without seeking authority.

May I know that all my actions are important and that my choices are larger than me.

Be Brave My Fellow Life Traveler.

Know that No Matter what others say, especially the ones closest to you, you matter and your decisions matter and your boundaries matter and your goals matter and your path does not have to be the same as anyone else’s.

You live the life you choose and love it!

Know that there will be hard times, know that you must keep your head straight and your eyes focused, and you must take responsibility for your actions good or bad, but in the end be proud you went on your own journey!

Become the Master of your body, mind and soul, and always remember you have guidance from within❤️

For More help with mental guidance/ motivation/ meditation/ self help : Amena Kay Thornton @ AmenaKay.com