Amena Kay’s Morning and Night Affirmation: 30 Day Mindset Challenge

Amena Kay’s Morning and Night Affirmation: 30 Day Mindset Challenge

"To Thine Own Self True" - Shakespeare

Overview: For No Less then 30 full days, Morning and Night Read This. In Front of a Mirror Say This to Your Self standing tall, proud when get up in the morning and just before bed:


I_______ love myself. I love the person I am. I love that I have life, love, and happiness in my life. I am full of joy and happiness. I courage others to be better by showing them my positive character. My attitude to others is full of spirit and encouragement. 


I pride myself by dressing my best everyday. I pride myself in treating my body as a temple, with fresh foods that nourish and bring me lasting energy. I joyfully take care of my hygiene morning and night. I look and feel my best everyday. I strive daily to keep up on my physical workouts and spiritual practices. I take great fulfillment in knowing I have control of my actions, reactions, and all my future successes.


I am a creative person with lots of ideas to keep me motivated. I chose to focus on the ideas that best suit my goals and take me to my goals faster. I am smart. I am talented, and know when best to use my abilities to help others and myself. I am the care taker of my feelings and will not allow hurtful people nor situations I can not control affect my goals in life, nor my quality of life. I am committed to bettering me and all those I touch in life. I am a patient, kind, loving person who can always see the good in others and treat them with respect and kindness.


I am organized in all my task and thoughts. I have an open-mind that I use to truly hear what others tell me. I am an excellent communicator, and very patient listener. I do right by others and give more then I take, borrow, or use. I am loyal to my family and friends. I am dependable when I am needed. I am responsible for my actions. I am consistent in my actions. I am resourceful in finding the tools and knowledge I needed grow my mind, body and soul daily.


I am intelligent. I know each day I will persist to self improve. I will not listen to others options if they do not serve me. I will only hear the options that encourage my path to my higher self from those that bring me closer to my goals. I am flexible and can adapt to any challenges that block my journey. I honor myself. I love my spirit. I am grateful for my life. I love me! I honor each and every minute and choose to use my life gifts to teach others the same.


I am grateful for all my past struggles, for they have made me strong. I am grateful to be blessed with spiritual love and light. I can feel it within me. I am humble to know that wherever and whenever I feel alone, I can look inward and feel the light inside me. I hear my light say, "You are not alone. You are loved and needed."


I know that when I need my family they will be there to help guide me, may those be blood or bond.


Tonight I am going to sleep deep, and dream ideas that can further my cause to better. Positive dreams will be brought to me. I will wake up feeling refreshed, happy, and full of energy. This Day is Wonderful!